Day 6: Plans for the weekend?

Today was Saturday, my first full day in Boston without treatment, and did I have big plans.

No I didn’t go to Fenway.

No I didn’t go to the New England Aquarium, despite their mischievous sea lion exhibit.

Featured This Month: Sea-Lion Burt Reynolds

Nor did I go on a Freedom Trail Pub Crawl, but that sounds all kinds of awesome and patriotic.  ‘Merica!

I didn’t even go to the Sam Adams brewery with The Georgian (though you can just tell that drinking with that guy will lead to some great f-ing stories).

No, I had bigger plans for myself this weekend.  I went on a journey of sorts.  I set out on a quest to search for something that all men need, something that keeps their most prized position protected.  Friends, family and internet strangers, today… I bought pants.

And a belt.

And cannoli from the locally famous Mike’s Pastry.  (Fact: 1 in 3 people in Boston at any given moment are carrying a box from Mike’s Pastry).

 In all seriousness, I explored Boston today with the simple goals of finding pants, a belt and cannoli.  It was a pretty great day and – if you couldn’t tell by how much of a Debbie Downer I was being in my last couple posts – I really needed one of those.

I’m six days into my stay here and I’m feeling pretty good about things.  I’m meeting people with some pretty heart-wrenching stories but the most uplifting spirits and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to the rest of the time I have here.  I don’t doubt it’ll be filled with ups-and-downs, but I’m confident I will walk away from this stronger for having undergone it all.

On a separate note, aren’t the Japanese silly?


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