Day 12: Two Weeks In!

I’m two weeks into my treatment, and I’m not sure if it feels like two weeks or not.  The days have been a blur of early morning appointments, emotionally heavy conversations, afternoon naps glimpses of Boston, but it seems things are going smoothly.

Instead of writing my normal little reflective pieces, I’m just gonna share a few funny moments/inspiring stories.

  • A 21 year old male patient here underwent chemotherapy and his hair is just starting to grow back.  I was sitting next to him when an older lady reassured him, “Don’t worry about your hair.  It’ll come back.”  She looked at me and added, “And yours will too!”  I had to tell her mine’s just falling out naturally.
  • During one of our community dinners, an older man introduced himself to me while we were waiting for food.  I asked him what he was there for, and he recounted in great detail the events leading up to his heart transplant, how he waited so long to see a doctor, how they inserted a computer into him to compensate for his heart and how he waited three years before he found a donor.  He asked what I was in for, and as soon as I started telling him, he said, “Oh, I see someone I haven’t met.  I’m gonna go talk to him,” and he walked away.
  • Aside from the Georgian and the 21 y/o I mentioned above, the only other twenty-something patients were two girls, one from Texas and one from Washington (the state).  They have guns back home.  Lots of them.  And so does everyone else apparently.  Coming from an overly populated state, this scares me.
  • I learned that a middle-aged woman I met here  was blinded as an infant by retinoblastoma (cancer of the retina).  She’s never viewed herself as disabled, though.  She went through school on a normal track, received a bachelor’s degree, plays Cello, lives independently and runs her own consulting business that creates “audio-described theatre for the blind.”
  • Today I had sushi for lunch, went on a tour of a chocolate factory and tomorrow I’ll visit the Sam Adams brewery.  Sometimes being here ain’t so bad.

TEN treatments down, twenty-five to go!


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