Day 14: Busy Weekend

Just checking in real quick.  It’s been a VERY busy weekend in a very good way.  Friday, I met up with an old friend for an early sushi and beer lunch which was followed by a trip to a chocolate factory.  Then I stayed up until 4:10AM waiting for my first overnight guest to arrive (no, that’s not a euphemism for a hooker).  We got up Saturday, met up with other friends for some brunch/afternoon cocktails before touring the Sam Adams brewery, came back to the Hope Lodge and feasted on steak, veggies and Momma Barrett’s special potatoes, and then to cap it all off we scored free Red Sox tickets from my two new friends from Washington (the state).  Today, I slept.  And ate.  Then slept some more.  Then got an unexpected international phone call from an old friend.  Then I slept more, followed up by some more eating.  I just watched the new Breaking Bad episode and was not disappointed.  I swear I’m not on vacation.

Welp, I have 7:50 AM treatments this week and am going to sleep once again.  Before I head to bed, I’d like to share a video that I think is a pretty good explanation in itself of why I love both Germany and the internet so much.  Enjoy.

Week three, here we go!


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