Day 16: Pooped pt. 2

Today was gonna be a big day.  I woke up determined that I, Thomas F Barrett Jr, would successfully not nap.

Despite my high hopes, the day got off to a rough start.  I was a couple minutes late to my 7:50AM treatment.  As I climbed up on my little table like I’ve done 11 times before, something was different.  I tilted my head a smidgen too far back, and I didn’t realize it until the mask was on.  I couldn’t ask them to readjust it because, well, my mouth is basically clamped shut.  I tried fidgeting, but my techs told me to hold still.  Call me irrational, but I didn’t want to risk irradiating the wrong part of my head.

After my first uncomfortable treatment, I decided to explore downtown Boston a bit while I ran a couple errands.  Unfortunately, the roads here feel like the original plans were laid out by a kitten playing with a ball of yarn.  I didn’t mind getting a little turned around, but I wonder how long it took the guy who asked me for directions to regret that decision.  

By noon, I had made it to Quincy Market, the Prudential Center, and all the way back to the Hope Lodge.  It was my friend’s last day of treatment, and we wanted to throw her a little surprise sendoff.  I hustled to iParty with my tumor twin’s husband to pick up some balloons and ice cream cake.  We made it back in time to rally together a little welcome party and she was thrilled.

The excitement settled down around 2 PM and I thought, “Hmmm… I wouldn’t mind watching some TV for a few minutes, you know, to relax.”  Fatal mistake.  I think I watched about 5 minutes of Scrubs before I was out cold.  I woke up about an hour later, half my upper body dangling off the side of my love seat, feeling like I had just gone on a three day drinking binge with Charlie Sheen (are jokes about him still relevant).  Seriously, it was a kind of tired I don’t think I’ve felt before.  I think this is what my doctor meant when he said I might feel some fatigue.

So I failed in my pursuit of a napless day, but it’s the first day in a while that hasn’t featured two naps!

Speaking of sleep, I’m going to go do some more of that now.  I’ve got another early treatment tomorrow AND I’m trying to volunteer at MGH.  Tomorrow’s my first shift.

Twelve treatments down, twenty-three to go!


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