Day 22: Feeling Good


Last week was rough for me.  I don’t know if I felt lonely because friends here were leaving, if I was getting overwhelmed just by being where I am, or if months of suppressed anxiety were finally catching up to me.  Or it might’ve been one big sugar crash from all the sweets some of you lovely people have sent me.




Seriously though, by Friday I was miserable, the kind of sad that makes you forget what joy feels like.  The kind of sad that make you want to kill a kitten.


Well, thank god for friends.  And alcohol.  Along with food and sleep, they are easily two of my favorite things.  But seriously, a day of bar hopping, crab claw cracking and drunken singing with close friends was all it took to rescue me from becoming the angst-ridden, screamo-loving me of a decade ago.

Maybe a party trolley.

And the world’s tiniest taco.

I’m approaching the halfway point, and this weekend was a much-needed boost.  In the upcoming weeks, I’ll get to go home for a long weekend, attend a friend’s wedding in Philly, and have a couple more visitors up here.  I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that feeling alone is more important than anything else right now.  Almost there!

Sixteen treatments down, nineteen to go!



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