Day 29: Home stretch

As I said enough last week, I’m officially past the halfway point.  I spent the weekend at home, and I can’t think of a better way to mark the midway mark of this weird, weird journey.  I was sitting here thinking, “Hm, what should I write about tonight?  What inspiring revelation came about on this little hiatus?”

How much of a hangover whiskey gives me?


The answer is there really wasn’t one.  For once in my life, I turned my brain the hell off.  I played ping pong.  I went out to NYC with friends.  I spent some quality time with my sisters (Angie-heimer, practice your handstands!).  I spent time with my parents and spoiled my dogs with table treats so they’d be excited for my return home in three weeks (sorry mom and dad!).   

I even went to the damn batting cages like I was 17 again. Apparently, I now have lady hands.


I avoided talking about Boston as much as possible, and oh man did it feel good to pretend I didn’t have to come back here Sunday.  I needed that break, and now I’m feeling good about these last three weeks.  We’re almost there, people!

Twenty treatments down, fifteen to go!


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