Day 30: Be Productive

At the start of this year, during a timeframe I’ll call “the scary days,” a good friend of gave me a simple piece of advice: “Be productive.”  As far as 2 AM conversations on Gmail chat go, it was pretty damn epic.  In a lot of ways, I’ve taken that advice to heart this year.

Who says you can’t meet nice people online?

Before my surgery, I kept working to stay active, wage-earning, and to keep the social retardation this year has caused to a minimum.  Recovering from surgery, I started learning to play bass guitar, but mostly just watched a bunch of Netflix (Arrested Development and How I Met Your Mother: great shows).  Before proton therapy started, I knocked out 10 credits worth of nursing prerequisites in two months while working off some post-surgery fat.

This may or may not have contributed.  

Yup, I’ve done a good job of staying occupied and positive.  That is until Boston.  Being here’s really thrown me for a loop, as I’ve written about in every other damn post I put up.  I don’t want to talk about being overwhelmed, though, because I’m finally starting to feel like I have some footing.  I’m trying to focus on positive things to do here.  I’ve been volunteering at the hospital, carting people around on wheelchairs and subjecting them to my new standup material.

My jokes really kill!


It’s funny the things that take your mind off being overwhelmed.  For one, putting dishes away is a quick fix to make me feel in control of things.  The same with cleaning my room.  I registered for classes in the fall.  I even booked another bus ticket home!  I think a lot of times, that feeling of “Hell yeah I just did something!” is more important than what you’ve actually done.

Anyways, onto my next project: sleeping.

Twenty-one treatments down, FOURTEEN to go!


5 responses to “Day 30: Be Productive”

  1. julie says :

    I JUST FELT MY FIRST REAL EARTHQUAKE (CT doesn’t count…). I’m sorry, this doesn’t belong here, but I was reading your update while it happened. Freaky… talk about not being in control

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