Day 37: The Boss’s in Town

One piece of advice for all you out there: if someone offers you free tickets to see Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band, GO!  That’s what I did yesterday and it was the best decision I made all Tuesday.  I saw The Boss last night at Fenway and man, can that 62 year old geezer put on a show.  The band came on at 7 and rocked America’s oldest ballpark for three and a half hours straight.  I had to take a break from standing no less than five times and, nevermind an intermission, the man barely stopped to take a breath.  Here are some of the best moments from the show:

  • During the song Waitin’ on a Sunny Day, Bruce went into the crowd and abducted a child.  He carried the abductee onto the stage and, mystically, transferred to him the gift of song.  The kid sang the chorus right on pitch in his pre-pubescent voice and the crowd roared.  Bruce then carried the kid offstage to an unseeable location, but I can only imagine it was an underground dungeon where he will be shackled as Bruce slowly siphons his youth.
  • At one point, about two and a half hours in, Bruce collapsed like he had nothing left.  Then, guitarist and avid kerchief enthusiast Steven Van Zandt brought Bruce back to life with the second most homoerotic sponge bath I’ve ever seen on stage.  We’re not gonna talk about the first.
  • At minute two hundred and two of the marathon performance, Brucey referred to his stage-mates as the “heart-breaking, Viagra-taking, curfew-hating E Street Band.”  It’s funny ’cause they’re old.
  • I’ve never understood the whole “sharing the mic” thing, but I guess it looks cool to see two guys almost kiss.
  • The late Clarence Clemons’ role as saxophonist was filled by his nephew, Jake Clemons.  I don’t have any jokes about that.  I just think it’s nice.

All-in-all, the show was pretty damn impressive.  Great musicianship, great energy, and it was all FREE.  Not gonna lie though, I can’t wait to not be getting free tickets from the Hope Lodge anymore.

Speaking of which, twenty-seven treatments down, EIGHT to go!



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