Day????: Who cares! One week to go!

That’s right, folks.  I have just ONE more full week of treatment (plus one next Monday) and I am done with this pub-obsessed (pubsessed?) town.  It’s really weird for me to think that in just eight days, I won’t have to think about this silly tumor business every day.  It’s been over eight months since this saga began.  Eight months is a long time.  As sad as it sounds, it’s tough for me to remember what it was like not having to worry about this thing.  From the start, I knew this would be a long, exhausting, bitch of a ride, but thinking about that ride before it happened and now going through it are two very different things.  But in just over a week, I get my life back.  As physically and emotionally exhausted as I feel, I know that everything’s not going to simply click back to normal; the transition will be an experience in and of itself.  But as I countdown my final days in Boston, I’m trying to pump myself up for the rest of my life to begin.  Pretty soon, I’ll be able to grill with my friends and attempt to recreate the legendary 50/50 burger.  That’s right.  Half burger.  Half bacon.  All coronary disease.  I’ll get to make more fun, incredibly awkward videos like this one.  I’ll start classes that’ll ultimately give me the skills I need to heal people.  I’ll get to play music again (though I doubt anyone else in my family is excited about that one!).  I’ll get to hang with my sisters, and my dogs.  I’ll even get to make more poor life decisions.  Yes, I have that much chest hair.

Twenty-nine treatments down, SIX to go!


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