Day 46: 2012: My Soundtrack

Numbers 1 and 2 on my list of “Things that got me through this year” are easily my loved ones (yes friends, I love you) and my oft twisted and occasionally funny sense of humor.  “What’s Number 3?” you’re probably not asking.  Well, the answer is music.  Music has always meant a lot to me, stretching back to high school when Thrice just totally got me and addressed pressing existential questions with equal parts power chords, sweet metal guitar riffs and unfiltered teenage angst.  I never simply enjoyed it; it moved me.  I believe music has the power to inspire.  It can make you move.  It can make you feel connected when you’re physically alone.  It can even make the world feel fresh again when everything feels stale.  This year more than any other in my life has made me realize what an important tool – nay, ally music can be.  Here are some of the artists and songs that’ve helped me deal.

Early January was filled with car rides to and from hospitals in Pennsylvania, New York and Baltimore.  My double vision was at its worst and we still weren’t sure what I was dealing with.  It was easily the most frightened I have ever been.  Well, I felt comforted by a band called Radical Face.  Is it a dumb name?  Yeah, kinda.  But his music is so emotional yet calm, haunting yet comforting.  Here are two of my favs:

Welcome Home


February was a more hopeful month.  We knew what I had.  My double vision had subsided.  I had a date with a surgeon.  Things were looking good.  It was time to keep my spirits up.  My boy Trombone Shorty (yes, another stupid name, but a man that plays this well could call himself Trombone Kills-Babies-and-Jews-for-Fun and he’d still hypnotize your feet into moving).  I dare you not to dance.  Seriously.

For True

Hurricane Season

In the summer leading up to proton therapy, I was doing pretty awesome.  I was acing my classes.  I got in the best shape I’ve been in since… well probably ever.  I was home with friends and family.  I had a solid month and a half of living carefree.  Here Come the Mummies, a twelve piece funk/soul band who dress like mummies and love double entendres, were my guys.  If you’re throwing a dance party for one, you won’t find anyone better.

Attack of the Wiener Man

Dirty Minds

Yes, that song is called “Attack of the Wiener Man.”  And yes, if you listen to it you’ll be singing it for the next three days.


I’m having trouble picking a band that feels right to mark my departure from Boston, but to be honest, I could give a shit.  I’m so pumped right now they could play Mmm Bop for me while I’m under the mask and I’ll sing right along with those Hanson boys.

That’s right folks, thirty-three treatments down, TWO to go!


P.S.  I like getting music recommendations from people.  If you got anything that you like, feel free to share!


One response to “Day 46: 2012: My Soundtrack”

  1. julie says :

    i feel like this would be a good pump up departure song

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