If you had seven and a half weeks to spend in Boston with virtually nothing to do, what would you do?  Follow the historic Freedom Trail from start to finish?  Buy a Red Sox hat and climb the green monster for every home game at Fenway?  Wrong!  Correct answer: start a blog.

From July 9 until August 29, I’ll be undergoing proton radiation therapy at Mass General Hospital in Boston.  Treatments are  a half hour a day, five days a week, for seven straight weeks.  The treatments aren’t painful and there aren’t many side effects, which is impressive considering they’re shooting a beam of subatomic particles into my head.

This year’s certainly been the weirdest of my life, and these next several weeks are bound to be the capstone of it all.  Keep up with me through this blog (you may also send me e-mails and, if you’re feeling real ambitious, mail cookies*).  Also, feel free to share it with anyone who may like to read.

Thanks for reading!



*All cookie packages (or anything, really) should be sent to:

Tom Barrett

AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center in Boston

125 South Huntington Rd

Room 307

Boston, MA 02130


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